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Excited to Join the Process Sensing Technologies Group

Isensix is excited to announce that we will be joining the Process Sensing Technologies Group. This will allow us to better serve our customers and is a great opportunity. Isensix, Provider of Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Joins Process Sensing Technologies Process Sensing Technologies (PST) has completed the acquisition of Isensix, […]

Monitoring Comparisons

Hospital Approved Wireless vs. Legacy Hard-Wired vs. Manual Procedures Hospital Approved Wireless Easily configurable and highly-scalable: This is the only complete, end-to-end solution. Secure, highly-reliable, accurate, real-time data, and fail-over redundant systems Real-time monitoring, accessible worldwide, at any time, via the Internet Highly functional and extremely user-friendly interface Easily configurable and highly scalable for new […]

Safely Protect Vaccines

Vaccines are sensitive biological products. Some vaccines are sensitive to freezing, some to heat and others to light. Vaccine potency, meaning its ability to adequately protect the vaccinated patient, can diminish when the vaccine is exposed to inappropriate temperatures. Once lost, vaccine potency cannot be regained. To maintain quality, vaccines must be protected from temperature […]

Isensix Guardian Technology Changes Everything

This changes everything: Over the last several decades, technology advancements in the healthcare field have been nothing short of remarkable. In an industry driven to set lofty standards while leaving little room for error, the demand for breakthrough, state-of-the-art technologies is never-ending. And with most hospitals, clinical laboratories, and blood banks subject to rigorous accreditation processes […]