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5 Benefits of Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring environmental conditions of medicine, blood, and chemicals is integral for maintaining high levels of product quality, for safeguarding operations, and for protecting facilities of all kinds. Traditionally, this data has been gathered manually, with staff taking daily readings from sensors to confirm that systems and instruments are operating correctly. But this approach has limitations: […]

Temperature Monitoring Systems Improve Productivity

Environmental temperature monitoring solutions are intricate systems that cover a range of applications. They capture and report complex data for a variety of industries. While elaborate in their capabilities, temperature monitoring systems do not need to burden employees. In fact, remote monitoring systems are much more efficient than manual temperature logging, and they offer significant […]

What is Real-Time Laboratory Data Monitoring?

Real-time data monitoring is the central component of any successful laboratory quality control strategy or environmental monitoring system. It can also be key for ensuring compliance with statutory laboratory regulations. The ability to see and share data as it accrues facilitates advances in patient safety, research quality, and operational efficiency. A real-time data monitoring system […]

Monitoring Blood Safety

At Isensix, our clients are healthcare-focused organizations, such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and blood banks. These companies have people’s safety and welfare as their top priority, and Isensix is proud to come alongside them in support of their efforts. One aspect of these endeavors is ensuring blood safety, a responsibility for all organizations that collect […]

Routinely Inspecting Your Temperature Monitoring System

Did you know that drug manufacturers lose billions of dollars a year by failing to maintain appropriate temperatures of inventory? In fact, the World Health Organization estimated that up to 50% of vaccines are wasted globally every year, in part due to improper temperature management. Even medical facilities with effective temperature monitoring systems in place […]

Vendor Highlight: Cadent Technologies

Isensix is proud to partner with Cadent Technologies, a product development and rapid prototyping electronics company based in Temecula, California. Supporting Isensix with the development and manufacturing of 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring solutions, such as Guardian, Cadent Technologies works jointly with our engineering team to take new products from ideation to creation. Isensix President Tom […]

The Benefits of Regularly Donating Blood

It’s estimated that 6.8 million people donate 13.6 million units of blood every year—yet in January of 2022, the American Red Cross declared their first-ever national blood crisis due to unprecedented shortages stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, hospitals were forced to make difficult decisions about who can receive the care they need, […]

Reflecting Over the Years and Looking Ahead to 2023

Formed in 2001, Isensix has evolved into a leader in environmental temperature monitoring, providing reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to facilities across the United States. Recently, Isensix president, Tom Stawicki sat down with us to share the history of Isensix, and what he foresees for Isensix and the industry in 2023. Isensix was founded in […]

3 Main Components to Developing Technology

The Guardian monitoring system is an excellent example of the proprietary technology that Isensix creates. Monitoring temperature at the touch of a button, it scales and adapts to meet the needs of any facility. It mitigates risk, integrates seamlessly, and offers superior, 24/7 protection—saving both time and money. In developing and upgrading monitoring systems and […]

What We Are Thankful For

A delicious turkey, a football game, hunting or a Turkey Trot 5K may be part of the Thanksgiving traditions you share with your families. Traditions provide comfort because they allow us to know what to expect. After several tumultuous years, due to COVID-19 and the current dynamic economy, these traditions may make us feel even […]