Blood and Tissue Banks

Total peace of mind

Real-time monitoring of temperature is vital in safeguarding blood and blood products, ensuring the highest level of quality care for your patients. Guardian was designed specifically to meet the critical needs of blood bank and stem cell laboratories, giving complete assurance and peace of mind. Guardian helps ensure that you maintain safe temperature levels for all blood and tissue products.

Why Choose Isensix

The Isensix Monitoring System is a web-based, 24/7 real-time monitoring and alert system that safeguards all of your vital assets across your entire health care system. With a wireless architecture and user-friendly web-enabled user interface, the Isensix system is an enterprise-class solution with centralized monitoring and data access. Immediate web access and comprehensive reporting capabilities enable quick and easy access by users across all departments.


TemperatureHumidityMotion (Horizontal)LevelOther ParameterService
Liquid NitrogenXX
Heat BlocksX
Transport CoolersX
Platelet IncubatorXX
Gel IncubatorX
Room TempX
BacT Alert 3D Positive ResultX
Cold Room Temperature MappingX
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