24/7 Wireless Temperature Monitoring At The Touch Of A Button

Guardian is able to easily scale, adapt and meet the needs of any facility environment. It also captures and reports complex environmental data directly from the unit, providing instant documentation of personnel, events and corrective actions. Equipped with unique wireless sensors, Guardian lets facilities move equipment or entire areas without disrupting software configuration. This is a complete solution for your facility’s temperature monitoring needs.

What Makes Guardian So Special?

  • Mitigates risk
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Seamless integration
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Superior, 24/7 protection
Single Point of Control = Less Risk
  • Only monitoring system with a key pad to address issues on the spot
  • Competitive products may alert, but you must develop a separate report of the incident in order to document
  • Guardian touch pad allows you to document by touch, at the source
    • Enter your PIN code to document “who” and “when”
    • Enter pre-programmed Reason Code
    • Complete Audit Trail
Fail-Safe Power Source
  • Hard wired with battery backup
  • Battery-powered for certain types optimized to maximize power
  • System can be configured to work in any facility
  • Minimal disruption during set-up


Isensix offers a full complement of sensors for a wide range of applications to meet the monitoring needs across a variety of industries, departments and groups.


  • -90°C to 50°C
  • +/- 0.5°C accuracy
  • 0.1°C resolution
  • Used in a variety of applications (Ultra Cold, Incubators, Refrigerator/Freezer, Room & Heat Blocks) to monitor specific ranges of temperature
High Temperature icon

High Temperature

  • 50°C to 105°C
  • +/- 0.5°C accuracy
  • 0.1°C resolution
  • Used in a variety of applications (Thermocyclers, Hot Water Baths, Blanket Warmers & Ovens) to monitor higher ranges of temperature

Relative Humidity

  • 0% to 100%
  • +/- 2% accuracy
  • Used in a variety of room and incubator humidity applications to monitor specific ranges of relative humidity
Liquid Nttrogen icon

Liquid Nitrogen

  • -200°C to -90°C
  • +/- 1°C accuracy
  • 0.1°C resolution
  • Used in a variety of applications to monitor lower ranges of temperature such as those of cryogenic storage tanks

Carbon Dioxide

  • 0% to 20%
  • +/- 2% of the reading range
  • Used to monitor CO2 in incubator applications


  • 0% to 25% O2
  • +/- 3% accuracy
  • Used in a variety of applications (rooms, incubators, etc.) to monitor specific ranges of oxygen


  • Measure horizontal, side-to-side motion
  • Up to 120 movements per minute
  • Used in a variety of applications (platelet shakers, centrifuges, etc.) to monitor specific ranges of motion

Door Access

  • Trigger or monitor the open or closed status of doors
  • Can be used to alert in the event of unauthorized access
  • Used to monitor appliances, entryways, medicine storage cabinets, drawers, access to secure rooms and units

Custom Applications

  • Remote contacts
  • 4-20mA
  • 0-5, 0-10vDC
  • Isensix can develop custom applications of existing or customer specified sensors to encompass an enterprise-wide monitoring system

Collection Point (CP) Sensor Features

Audible Alert: The Collection Point (CP/Sensor) on each appliance can be configured to audibly beep if there is an out-of-range condition. This allows for a very quick response time to begin resolving the issue without having to wait for remote notifications.

Visual Alert: There is also a red LED light that flashes if there is an alarm condition. This provides a local alert and staff members are not required to be near a computer or carry a pager or cell phone to be notified of an alarm.

Alarm Acknowledgement: The CP has a numeric keyboard which allows staff members to enter a PIN code to silence the alarm at the appliance, identify themselves, and immediately document the response to an alarm condition with time and date stamp. This eliminates the need to go to a computer to silence and acknowledge an alarm. It also keeps track and logs exactly who responds to the alarms.

Corrective Action: By entering a 3-digit code, users can silence the alarm at the CP and also take Corrective Action. This will document the user and corrective action with no need to go to Computer.

Access Points: Isensix Access Points (AP) utilize two-way communication creating a “fail-safe” system. Each transmission is acknowledged by the AP, creating a closed loop handshake between the AP and the Collection Point. If a transmission is not received, the system will automatically:

  • Run a diagnostic program
  • Diagnose the issue
  • Alert the end user as to the problem.

Without a two-way communication system, the end user would be responsible to “watch” the computer screen to make sure data is being recorded at all times.


Isensix monitors the system for you. We detect privileged user access and Isensix Support may ask you to verify users in certain instances. Isensix IT also monitors the Red Hat Security Advisories (RHSA) mailing list and will take action in the event they identify a potential risk for the system.

NOTE: Isensix NEVER updates any software without prior written authorization from a customer.

  • By default the application has HTTPS enabled
  • Enhanced security with using access tokens for Requests
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Detection of hack attempts (with IP-ban of attacker)
  • Enhanced parameter checking for all requests, including access rights (with IP ban)
  • Scanning of uploads (PNG, SVG, PDF)
  • Encrypted tokens (CSRF)
  • Secure cookies (HTTPS) and HSTS headers

Service & Support

Monitoring environmental data is serious business. One lapse could be enough to compromise critical product and inventory. And that’s why we are there to support your system. Of course, we’ve built our technology to be very robust and highly reliable. Yet, should you need technical support, one of our specialists will be available to assist you by telephone or e-mail. So, wherever and whenever you need assistance, Isensix will be there for you.

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