What Does 2024 Hold for Isensix

Since its start over 20 years ago, Isensix has become an industry leader in environmental temperature monitoring by innovating healthcare and research facilities with advanced and versatile monitoring systems.

Tom Stawicki, President of Isensix, offered reflections on the past year and shared both goals and expected challenges for the company in 2024.

What lessons were learned in 2023 that will be beneficial as Isensix continues moving forward in 2024?
In 2023, the partnerships we have with our customers were reinforced. We provide great tools for our customers, alarms with different settings capable of providing text and email notifications, that serve as added safety nets for them. However, it is also important for the customer to participate in the day-to-day operation of their system. This makes the partnership truly invaluable.

Internally, our team members continue to enjoy a flexible schedule while remaining fully available for our customers. Initially necessitated by COVID-related shutdowns, deciding to keep flexible schedules has allowed us to adopt new tools that have proven beneficial to our workflow and customers.

Isensix joined Process Sensing Technologies (PST) in December of 2021. Now that a couple of years have passed, what are some of the benefits to Isensix and their customers?
We have learned a lot together by sharing best practices, collaborating on education, and effectively cross selling. Joining PST gave us access to different products and sensor technologies and we’ve been able to share with PST as well.

We have also discovered strength in numbers, with more people to collaborate ideas and share knowledge. Our sales team expanded and became more available. Being more local to more facilities will yield additional opportunities for our customers in the future.

Isensix has been working on a couple of new products that will be available in 2024. Can you comment on anything there?
In addition to a software update that will provide additional functionality and added security for our customers, we are introducing a Wi-Fi-based device that includes a display screen to visually communicate key monitoring data. This new technology will allow our customers to view critical data directly via the device, reducing the need to refer to a computer, saving both time and resources, as well as decreasing infrastructure requirements.

The update will provide support for not only our existing and planned new hardware, but that of our sister company, SensoScientific. This will allow us to offer our customers the opportunity to custom tailor the best hardware for their application, with our best-in-class software.

We always want to support the latest and greatest infrastructure, so we look forward to having these new products in place in 2024.

What are some of your goals for Isensix in this next year? Any personal New Year’s resolutions?
The team at Isensix is aiming to continually provide our customers with the best software, and the best hardware. We want to share our sister company’s resources and products with our customers and thereby expand our footprint in the market. And as mentioned above, my goal is to get our new products in the hands of our sales team and our customers.

My personal New Year’s resolution is to successfully navigate and enjoy the intricacies of my daughter’s wedding abroad, as she is getting married in Nepal this year.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2024?
Industry-wide, technology and regulations are changing so fast that it can be difficult to keep up—though certainly not impossible. Even amidst the flux and change of supply chains and logistics, Isensix is committed to innovation and advancement in any climate.