Working in the laboratory

Celebrating World Laboratory Day

Children often enjoy asking adults about what life was like for them growing up. After hearing such stories, kids frequently end up feeling thankful for much of their own lives.

Periodically pondering one’s current life in comparison to the past can be good practice for adults as well. For instance, consider the profound impact that advancements such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, MRI machines, and blood transfusions—plus many, many further developments—have made on society.

All those innovations were developed through research conducted in laboratory settings, a type of facility that Isensix proudly serves with our wireless environmental monitoring systems. Recognizing the significant role that laboratories play in scientific research and development, Isensix is pleased to celebrate World Laboratory Day on April 23.

An annual event, World Laboratory Day applauds laboratories across the globe and raises awareness about the significance of laboratories across varying fields. Though its origins are unclear, the occasion draws attention to the fundamental importance of lab outcomes and emphasizes the contributions of laboratories to human progress.

Laboratories exist in many forms and places—from research universities to hospitals and medical centers, from independent facilities to biopharmaceutical companies, and beyond. No matter where they are found, Isensix helps laboratories monitor key operating parameters of storage appliances. With major scientific milestones occurring in laboratory environments, their vital assets must be safeguarded.

World Laboratory Day also functions as an opportunity to admire the hard work, dedication, and achievements of laboratory professionals. These individuals have advanced our understanding of the world and improved our quality of life. They truly do great work in laboratories across the world to support medical and scientific advances.

Befitting of honor, laboratories serve as the locations of vast research and impactful discovery, which yield valuable scientific understanding. Isensix is delighted to celebrate World Laboratory Day, and we invite you to observe its occurrence as well.