Customer Spotlight: University Hospitals

University Hospitals is a renowned academic medical center and community hospital network, covering the entire northeast region of Ohio, from Sandusky to Conneaut all the way to Ashland. University Hospitals serves the needs of its patients through an integrated network of 21 hospitals (including five joint ventures), more than 50 health centers and outpatient facilities, and over 200 physician offices. They deliver personalized, compassionate, and high-quality care plus medical discoveries and breakthroughs.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dan Doyle, a Senior Business Analyst in the Information Technology (IT) department at University Hospitals (UH). Dan serves as a liaison between IT and UH’s business service lines while supporting UH’s major enterprise applications. In our conversation, he shared how Guardian by Isensix is a vital link in the delivery chain to achieve the highest level of patient care.

Why did University Hospitals choose to work with Isensix and Guardian?
The Core Lab at UH and the Microbiology department first adopted Isensix for their temperature monitoring. Once IT was involved with the software support, Isensix became the standard across our system. Today there are almost 2,000 data collection points throughout the UH network.

What makes Isensix stand out from other options?
Isensix’s system has user-dedicated dashboards that make it easy to view all the sensors within a specific zone. This is a time-saver when conducting daily checks. Additionally, a key feature of Guardian’s interface system is the Remote Event Notifications, which come via pager, email, or text message. These notifications play an intricate part in letting the end users know of issues 24/7.

How was Isensix able to help you?
Isensix has become UH’s standard for temperature monitoring, which means it is utilized throughout many departments. Specifically, Isensix plays a critical role in the successful implementation of UH’s cold storage policies.

Also, Isensix’s support team has proven, time and again, to be a great partner for UH. When challenges arise, they are happy to troubleshoot and discuss possible solutions with us.

Why is having confidence in your temperature monitoring products and services provided by Isensix important to you?
UH values the confidence that Isensix provides because critical, lifesaving, and life-enhancing products must be monitored properly and reliably. In addition, when a temperature falls outside of its specified range, the necessary department(s) and personnel are always made aware as quickly as possible, so critical inventory is not compromised. Over the last 13 years, Isensix has truly proven to produce dependable products and services and to be a reliable partner for UH.

 Any other comments or anything that you’d like to add?
Isensix offers unprecedented customer service, approaching issues with a willingness to help. They are committed to putting in the effort needed in order to rectify problems as quickly as possible—but will also spend the time required to ensure each concern is completely resolved. The support team is fantastic!


Isensix is grateful for customers like University Hospitals who trust us to provide an advanced, versatile, and innovative environmental monitoring system. For more information about University Hospitals, please visit its website.