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Risks of Intermittent Environmental Monitoring

In the intricate world of laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, and other temperature-sensitive environments, precision and reliability are paramount. Temperature monitoring is a non-negotiable factor that directly impacts the safety and integrity of critical substances.

Yet all too often, facilities rely on equipment with basic temperature sensors that are relatively inaccurate and prone to either misreading or malfunction. And even when accurate, sensors may not be measuring the temperature across the entire area of the equipment, so it could be cooler in one part and warmer in another. The effect on critical product and inventory can be significant.

These problems are exacerbated if sensor readings are only checked intermittently. Recording a temperature daily or weekly merely gives a snapshot of actual conditions. By the time a problem is discovered, the consequences could be severe, not only in terms of wasted resources, but also by potentially jeopardizing research integrity or patient care.

Intermittent manual monitoring of environmental conditions is prone to error, wastes staff’s time, and delays problem identification. These concerns can be resolved by switching to an automated real-time monitoring system, using advanced wireless sensors that communicate continuously with a cloud-based software platform.

Isensix offers a full complement of reliable and qualified sensors for a wide range of applications—from temperature and humidity, to motion and door access, and more—to meet monitoring needs across a variety of industries, departments, and groups. Our software continuously monitors all connected devices, automatically issuing alarms via text, email, or phone to authorized users, with customizable dashboards for each user that can be accessed via their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The system also records all activities, providing full traceability and audit trails.

Wireless monitoring provides peace of mind and confidence that quality assurance, compliance, and administration needs can all be successfully served. Its benefits are transformative in high-stakes environments, safeguarding operations and enhancing productivity. In fact, Guardian by Isensix is the most advanced, most versatile, and most innovative environmental monitoring system in the industry.

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