Routinely Inspecting Your Temperature Monitoring System

Did you know that drug manufacturers lose billions of dollars a year by failing to maintain appropriate temperatures of inventory? In fact, the World Health Organization estimated that up to 50% of vaccines are wasted globally every year, in part due to improper temperature management. Even medical facilities with effective temperature monitoring systems in place can suffer from equipment malfunctions, losing life-saving medicines and other critical products.

Routine maintenance­­ of temperature monitoring systems can prevent disasters before they occur, providing much-needed peace of mind to laboratories and ­­facilities. But how often should these inspections happen, and what should you look for?

How Often Should Inspections Happen?

Temperature monitoring itself is a 24/7 responsibility. Today’s temperature monitoring systems are high-tech and reliable and can detect malfunctions quickly. All the same, you should log the temperatures of your medical refrigerators at least twice a day, also ensuring that your temperature monitoring system is recording information at least every 5 minutes.

We recommend bringing in a technician to run diagnostic tests every month even if nothing appears to be wrong. Ultimately, it’s about establishing monitoring procedures and routines that maintain the safety and quality of your products.

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Temperature Monitoring System

It is helpful to have some foundational knowledge of temperature control, even if you might not be an expert or engineer. Here are four simple steps you can take to assess the temperature of your medical fridges:

  • Read: Is the device at a stable temperature? What that stable temperature is will be dependent on if you’re monitoring a fridge, freezer, etc.
  • Record: Is all data routinely being recorded in a designated temperature log?
  • React: Is anything out of the ordinary that would require corrective action?
  • Reset: Is the thermometer being reset after measurements are recorded?
Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

While many institutions take temperature readings only once or twice per day, Isensix’s temperature monitoring sensors take several readings per second. Guardian picks up fluctuations that would have been otherwise missed, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken. The wireless system can be customized to work in any facility and is equipped with a fail-safe power source in case of power outages.

Our team of dedicated professionals are available around the clock to support your system and your needs. We provide you with confidence, knowing that your medications, vaccines, and other critical assets are protected.

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