Monitoring Blood Safety

At Isensix, our clients are healthcare-focused organizations, such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and blood banks. These companies have people’s safety and welfare as their top priority, and Isensix is proud to come alongside them in support of their efforts. One aspect of these endeavors is ensuring blood safety, a responsibility for all organizations that collect or store blood.

Blood safety is truly a critical underpinning of secure blood transfusions and prudent health practices. Using unsafe or contaminated blood can result in costly blood product waste, patient adverse effects including infection, and even fatalities. People have a right to expect that blood and blood products supplied to them are not only gathered and produced, but also maintained and provided, in a cautious and dependable manner, to support communities and medical care systems.

The only way to guarantee preservation of the active ingredients in blood is with consistent adherence to correct storage temperature conditions. Blood is an excellent host for bacteria, particularly at warm temperatures; strict storage measures minimize bacterial growth and allow for the use of suitable preservative solutions. Prevention is key in mitigating the risk of spoilage and transfusion errors, and the safeguarding of valuable blood products is best achieved with real-time temperature monitoring.

Such an alert system eliminates sole reliance on medical refrigeration—with its equipment malfunctions, power failures, and error-prone human involvement—for the desired 100% reliability of temperature maintenance. The Isensix system is a web-based, 24/7 real-time monitoring and alert system with a wireless architecture and user-friendly interface. It offers centralized monitoring and data access, plus comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The environmental data provided by our Guardian software eliminates manual monitoring, thus producing more accurate data, as well as drastically reducing liability issues, stemming from compliance concerns, and financial implications, due to loss of product. In addition, Guardian is highly configurable, with the ability to be tailored for virtually any need or set of standard operating procedures. An Isensix system will provide immediate peace-of-mind, stemming from confidence in the integrity of the system and equipment—plus realized tangible benefits from enhanced operating efficiencies.

Blood donations are a precious gift, and with a temperature monitoring system from Isensix, you can help patients receive a high level of care, and also ensure donors’ time and effort are not wasted. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer.