Vendor Highlight: Cadent Technologies

Isensix is proud to partner with Cadent Technologies, a product development and rapid prototyping electronics company based in Temecula, California.

Supporting Isensix with the development and manufacturing of 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring solutions, such as Guardian, Cadent Technologies works jointly with our engineering team to take new products from ideation to creation.

Isensix President Tom Stawicki, on the relationship with Cadent Technologies: “They [Cadent Technologies] have been an incredible asset over the years. We’re excited to see what the future holds as we continue to develop products that provide critical support to hospitals, laboratories, and blood and tissue banks.”

From Michael Mihld, owner and CEO of Cadent Technologies: “We’ve enjoyed working with the Isensix team to develop innovative temperature monitoring products… And as we look ahead, we’re confident that our continued partnership will benefit numerous facilities throughout the country.”

At Isensix, we strive to make the fields of research and healthcare work better. And truly, our work would not be possible without the efforts of partners such as Cadent Technologies.

You can learn more about Cadent Technologies by visiting their website.