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Service and Support that Exceeds Expectations

Isensix is proud to be there to support your system and your needs. That’s why we’ve built such a robust solution, but are also always there if you need technical support. Here are just a few reasons why our product and our support exceed expectations.

System Integrity & Reliability: Industry-leading quality and reliability standard with highest up-time, no system interference or wireless security conflicts:

  • Custom-designed Hardware: All of our hardware is custom-designed to fully meet the demanding requirements of a healthcare environment rather than relying on off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Stable Linux Software Platform: Our software is built around an ultra-stable Linux core, eliminating the unreliability and freeze-up issues commonly experienced with Windows based-applications.

Real-Time System Monitoring: The Isensix sensors perform truly continuous monitoring, taking several readings per second. Competitive systems either monitor and record once every 15 – 30 minutes in order to conserve battery power or perform “Exception Reporting” which captures data only when it’s out of range. The shortcoming of the latter is that data that is in range is not captured and trends cannot be documented.

Continuous Self-Diagnostics: The Isensix system continuously monitors itself and alerts users if any of the following system features is non-functional:

  • Network connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Sensor integrity
  • AC power status

On-Site Annual Calibrations: As part of the Annual Service Plan, Isensix will come on site each year and conduct calibrations on all active sensors. Our software also has a feature that allows you to calibrate on your own if multi-year calibrations are needed.

Full Disaster Recovery Capability: Isensix offers a daily back-up of the entire system database to two off-site Servers. In the event of the loss of the Local Server at the customer site, Isensix can fully restore all the data, system information, and user documentation to the last good back-up.


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