Lab heating blocks with flasks

Monitoring Comparisons

Hospital Approved Wireless vs. Legacy Hard-Wired vs. Manual Procedures

Hospital Approved Wireless

Easily configurable and highly-scalable: This is the only complete, end-to-end solution.

  • Secure, highly-reliable, accurate, real-time data, and fail-over redundant systems
  • Real-time monitoring, accessible worldwide, at any time, via the Internet
  • Highly functional and extremely user-friendly interface
  • Easily configurable and highly scalable for new applications
  • Quick and easy relocation of equipment without new physical wiring or cabling
  • Complete vital parameters monitoring including temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.
  • Complete electronic data capture, archiving, and retrieval solution
  • Largely eliminates demands on staff, freeing them to respond to vital workplace responsibilities
  • State-of-the-art, real-time, customizable alerting system with visual, audio, e-mail, mobile text, and paging alerts
  • Automated reporting logs
  • NIST-traceable validation certificate

Legacy Hard-Wired

Requires significant installation expense with limited flexibility.

  • Systems require expensive cabling and construction to install
  • Relocating equipment is expensive and time-consuming
  • Significant costs associated with reconfiguring and/or scaling system
  • Limitations on scalability due to construction and system constraints

Manual Procedures

Prone to error by relying on personnel to physically track and log temperatures.

  • Labor-intensive procedure requiring extreme vigilance and weekly changing of log charts
  • Exposed to significant risk of inventory loss in-between check times
  • A process without any redundant back-up system, highly prone to human error
  • Expensive procedure relative to electronic monitoring
  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive audit documentation process