Reflecting Over the Years and Looking Ahead to 2023

TomFormed in 2001, Isensix has evolved into a leader in environmental temperature monitoring, providing reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to facilities across the United States.

Recently, Isensix president, Tom Stawicki sat down with us to share the history of Isensix, and what he foresees for Isensix and the industry in 2023.

Isensix was founded in 2001. What do you consider among the greatest successes along the way?
Our greatest success has without a doubt been introducing the first wireless monitoring system. All monitoring systems were previously hardwired, requiring additional measures and resources to do the job properly. We created a wireless solution that not only provides flexibility with installation location, but also contains localized visual and audible alerts and can acknowledge and send feedback to the system via a keypad.

Tell us a little bit about the history of Isensix.
Isensix was founded in 2001 by a team of recognized technology pioneers who had a single purpose in mind: To become the leader in environmental temperature monitoring.

Today, 22 years later, our original purpose has evolved from an aspirational goal to a reality. We now provide the most advanced, versatile, and innovative environmental monitoring system to clinical, research, and healthcare facilities across the United States. Along the way, our team of experts developed Guardian, which minimizes the critical environmental risks affecting research and healthcare facilities.

As we continue to evolve and innovate, our focus remains on improving fields of research and healthcare work. We are also a proud member of Process Sensing Technologies, a global network that helps clients monitor conditions that are otherwise invisible and pose a hidden threat.

With needs evolving and a dynamic economy, how does Isensix appeal to those looking for wireless temperature monitoring solutions?
Customer needs continue to evolve. In the early days of Isensix, we would monitor conditions such as motion and temperature for appliances and equipment. Now our clients benefit from the monitoring of additional environmental conditions such as the air quality (temperature and humidity) in their facilities. As our customers’ monitoring needs continue to evolve and expand, we are there to serve them.

Last year was extremely volatile for the global economy.  What lessons did you learn that you will apply going forward?
We have always prioritized our inventory levels and sourcing network. The strong relationships we’ve developed paid off when manufacturers were presented with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this difficult time, we were able to maintain our network of providers and provide quality service with little disruption. Applying what we’ve learned along the way, our focus in 2023 and beyond will be maintaining strong relationships while continuing to meet the needs of our clients.

How has being part of Process Sensing Technologies improved what Isensix can bring to the table?
The benefits are two-fold. First, PST is extremely strong in the field of sensor technology, allowing us to provide even higher accuracy and stability in the monitoring devices we offer.  Second, PST allows us the ability to expand our customer base from geographical, industrial and application standpoints.

What are some of your goals for Isensix in this next year?
This year, we will be introducing a Wi-Fi-based device that includes a display screen to visually communicate key monitoring data. With this new technology, our customers will be able to view critical data directly via the device, reducing the need to refer to a computer, and thus saving our customers time and resources. This is also an important step in ensuring that vaccine storage units meet regulatory requirements. Our goal is to roll this technology out smoothly in 2023 and continue to improve research and healthcare facilities.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2023?
The unknown economic impact of the recession is top of mind with many of our customers, and many are also struggling on the staffing front. Our role is to continue to provide quality products, timely support, and field services that help them address these challenges.