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3 Main Components to Developing Technology

The Guardian monitoring system is an excellent example of the proprietary technology that Isensix creates. Monitoring temperature at the touch of a button, it scales and adapts to meet the needs of any facility. It mitigates risk, integrates seamlessly, and offers superior, 24/7 protection—saving both time and money.

In developing and upgrading monitoring systems and other technology, Isensix’s approach is a balance of present and future—meeting the needs of today’s current customers and finding innovative solutions for those of tomorrow.

When developing new technology, we ask three guiding questions:

  1. How does the technology integrate into the current system?
    It’s crucial that functionality is maintained when new technologies are integrated.
  1. Does it address other new technologies?
    These could include new networks, RF technologies, advancing mesh network technology, and Bluetooth advancements.
  1. Does it address new lab management trends and process improvements?
    Customers are continuously improving the process flow in a laboratory, and our mission is to provide products that assist them in their efforts. For example, a localized control center or Gateway control center can consolidate servers and all alerts from thousands of sensors.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide dependable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions, and these guiding questions help us improve research and healthcare facilities across the United States.

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