Guardian temperature monitoring in a lab

Why You Should Use a Continuous Monitoring System

Monitoring and maintaining proper conditions in laboratories is a must, but it is not always as simple as it seems.

When it comes to handling sensitive items in laboratories, it is essential to make sure they are stored, worked with and manufactured within a proper range. This was evident most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic when vaccine rollouts began. The Pfizer vaccine required a cold storage temperature of -70C and the Moderna vaccine required storage at -20C.

It doesn’t matter if you’re conducting research or diagnosing patients, the importance of a continuous monitoring system is high regardless of how that lab is being used. Critical benefits include:

  • Ensuring tests are accurate and reliable.
  • Reducing the risk of product failure.
  • Capturing vital information to complete the job.
  • Alerting lab staff if something goes wrong.
  • Maintaining the physical properties of stored substances, such as density, viscosity, and form.
  • Preventing temperature-sensitive equipment failure.

With monitoring proving so vital to laboratory success, having the right system in place is just as important.

At Isensix, we are proud to offer Guardian which provides 24/7 wireless monitoring at the touch of a button and can easily scale, adapt and meet the needs of any facility environment. Contact us to find out more.