Guardian Front view

Isensix Guardian Technology Changes Everything

This changes everything: Over the last several decades, technology advancements in the healthcare field have been nothing short of remarkable. In an industry driven to set lofty standards while leaving little room for error, the demand for breakthrough, state-of-the-art technologies is never-ending. And with most hospitals, clinical laboratories, and blood banks subject to rigorous accreditation processes by FDA, JCAHO, AABB, CAP, HICVA and other agencies—as well as increased scrutiny to adhere to strict compliance standards-the pressure to ensure safety and quality care is a top priority. Yet, even with all these technological advances, the process of accurately monitoring and tracking environmental data is one area of vigilance still firmly rooted in archaic processes.

Currently, staff members are required to manually collect data from refrigerators, freezers, and other types of storage units used to store medication, blood, and chemicals, and either record them on daily log sheets affixed to those storage units, or collect expired rotary charts. Not only is this practice fraught with numerous inherent problems by relying on human memory and staff already working at their upper limitations, but the ramifications of inaccurate reporting, and the potential negligence of a failing unit, can be extremely costly. Plus, without the ability to track all environmental data in a real-time environment, and then make immediate adjustments and corrections as necessary, the liability issues can be tremendous—both from a compliance standpoint and the financial impact stemming from the loss of product.

But that was then, this is now! And by utilizing our Guardian technology, your facility will be equipped with a complete end-to-end solution that provides total protection. Our 24/7, wireless, real-time solutions eliminate the need for any manual monitoring processes—all without costly changes to facility infrastructure.


Isensix technology provides the following:

  • FCC and hospital-approved wireless, cost-effective, and easy-to-install sensors on each storage unit
  • 100% digital, easy-to-use, web interface, with simultaneous multi-user-level access
  • Central collection on a secured server with Intranet-wide remote access
  • Real-time notifications to staff, bio-medical engineering, and staff workstations
  • Easy to access record keeping
  • Complete training, validation, calibration, documentation to meet Joint Commission (JCAHO), CAP, FDA, AABB, and GMP requirements
  • Acts in accordance with the FDA 21CFR Section 11 electronic signature requirement
  • Visual, audio, e-mail, paging and voice alerts
  • Automated compliance reporting, corrective action logs, and back-up

Additional benefits and expandability are:

  • More effective use of staff to treat patients or respond to workplace demands, rather than monitor equipment
  • Save money by minimizing expensive staffing, and eliminating costs associated with wiring or rewiring
  • Reduce unnecessary citations for improvement for non-compliance, as well as revisits from government agencies