Effective Monitoring Relies on Uninterrupted Power

Having access to uninterrupted power is something that many of us in the United States take for granted. We can trust that when we flip the light switch on that it is going to work. However, there are still times when that power is interrupted due to a thunderstorm or someone accidentally cutting the wrong line. In the healthcare field, having power is even more important. That’s why hospitals, labs, etc. almost always have backup generators. Lives are on the line and power is needed to make sure people are being treated properly.

In a similar way, you should be able to trust that a monitoring unit is going to do what it is supposed to. Uninterrupted power is a must for effective monitoring. If a monitoring unit goes down then you have just lost data and potentially have to throw out those samples since you don’t know if they went above or below certain thresholds.

Wireless, battery-powered, monitoring devices often promote their easy installation. But what they don’t tell you is that they require constant inspection since a dead battery will render them ineffective. Guardian, on the other hand, utilizes a dual-power solution to ensure your high-value assets are continuously monitored.

Guardian is shore-powered with a battery backup. Shore-powered means that the device is connected through an AC electrical grid from an outside power source. The term “shore power” refers to the source of the power, which is “shoreside electrical power.” Shore power is beneficial in this way because it alleviates the unnecessary use of fuel. The term and usage were originally created to give ships tied up at port electrical power for their equipment and lights.

The benefits to this approach to uninterrupted power are many.

  • Less Maintenance – You save time by not having to continuously check the battery life.
  • Less Worry – You have redundant power. Even if the main power fails for some reason, you have the battery backup.
  • Effective Monitoring – this approach allows you to monitor your overall power source, power to all monitored appliances and your internal internet conductivity.

Don’t take the short-term gain of slightly easier installation and lose out long-term when the battery-powered monitoring system fails. Sleep easier knowing that you have Guardian watching over your high-value assets. Contact us today to find out more.