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Safeguard your vaccines with Guardian. Protect yourself and the community.

“We’ve found Guardian to be extremely robust, flexible and user friendly. Originally purchased just for the hospital laboratory, we ended up expanding it to all of our nursing stations, our pharmacy and most of the clinics we have around town.”

“When your work depends on precision, it’s critical to eliminate human error wherever possible. We are enormously pleased with Guardian’s results to date, and over the next year we intend to extend the system to additional areas of our testing facility.”

“Guardian far exceeds our highest expectations. Not only will it help our organization save money, but the technology itself is proving to be light-years ahead of anything we’ve seen in terms of accuracy, usability and scalability.”


The Guardian difference starts with its ability to easily scale, adapt and meet the needs of any facility environment. It’s also the first of its kind to capture and report complex environmental data directly from the unit, providing instant documentation of personnel, events and corrective actions. Equipped with unique wireless sensors, Guardian lets facilities move equipment or entire areas without disrupting software configuration. And as a complete end-to-end solution for your facilities temperature monitoring needs, Guardian by Isensix safeguards your operation, while giving you – total peace of mind.

Facilities We Serve

Isensix provides wireless, real-time environmental data, to a wide variety of facilities for a variety of applications. Each customer’s needs are unique and Isensix excels at providing a host of features to meet the critical needs of each specific application.

Sensor Applications

Isensix will match your real-time monitoring needs with the most reliable and qualified sensors to get the job done. Our experience in monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, motion or air pressure or verifying the contact closure of a door, allows you to meet the quality assurance, compliance and administration needs of your company.


Monitoring environmental data is serious business. One lapse could be enough to compromise critical product and inventory. And that’s why we are there to support your system. Of course, we’ve built our technology to be robust and highly reliable. Yet, should you need technical support, one of our specialists will be available to assist you by telephone or e-mail. So, wherever and whenever you need assistance, Isensix will be there for you.

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